Dynamics CRM Online Themes won’t work if Enable High Contrast option is checked


One of the biggest changes in CRM Online is the ability of creating Themes in CRM (Settings > Customization > Themes).

CRM Themes won’t work if “Enable high contrast” is enabled. The Theme will be published as this is a personal setting the theme won’t be visible for any user who has the option checked.

As an example:

“Enable high contrast” option is unchecked.


“Enable high contrast” option is checked.


“Enable high contrast” option is available in CRM Personal Setting. By default its value is unchecked.

Enable high contrast

To improve the display of buttons and icons for accessibility, select this check box, and turn on High Contrast settings in either your browser or operating system.

For more information in how to customize the color scheme or add a new logo please see:

Change the color scheme or add a logo to match your organization’s brand
Help & Training: Change the color scheme or add a log to match your organization’s brand

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