Dynamics CRM Outlook Client – Working Offline Registry Keys


This article is to provide you with information regarding the different registry keys and their state/ values when a user is in the process of going offline & online when using the Dynamics CRM Outlook client. You will have needed to choose the Offline capability when installing CRM for Outlook.

The registry key of RCOffline is a value located at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSCRMClient on a client machine that has CRM for Outlook installed. It can either have a value of 0 or 1.

Enabled - 1
Disabled - 0

When the value is set to 1, this tells CRM for Outlook Client that it is now in “Offline” mode.

When CRM for Outlook Client is offline, the registry keys on clients should be:

UIState  - 1
SMOffline – 1
RCOffline – 1
OfflineSetOffline – 0

If the value is a 4 or 5, then it means it is in process of going offline/ online.

CRM for Outlook will only go back online when the user clicks on File > CRM > Go Online and has network connectivity.

Further information can be found here

The UIState determines the state of the client as returned by the State property on the CrmOutlookService.

Below are the meanings of each value for UIState

Unknown = -1 Indicates that the CRM Client is online
Online = 0 Indicates that the CRM Client is offline
Offline = 1

Indicates that the CRM Client is currently synchronizing outlook with CRM. 

SyncToOutlook = 2

Indicates that there was an error in the last synch between outlook and CRM. 

SyncToOutlookError = 3

Indicates that the CRM Client is going offline. 

GoingOffline = 4 Indicates that the CRM Client is going online
GoingOnline = 5

Indicates that there was a failure in loading CRM Client during outlook startup. 

ClientLoadFailure = 6

Indicates that the CRM Client version is lower than that on the server. 

ClientVersionLower = 7

Indicates that the CRM Client version is lower than that on the server

ClientVersionHigher = 8

Indicates that the CRM Client version is higher that that on the server.

PostOfflineUpgrade = 9

Indicates that the CRM client has been upgraded while offline. 

OnlineCrmNotAvailable = 10

Indicates that the CRM server is not available. 

GoingOfflineCanceled = 11

Indicates that the user cancelled the Go Offline process. 

BackgroundGoingOffline = 12

Indicates that the background synch to the offline database is in progress.

NotConfigured = 13

Indicates that the CRM Client has not been configured. 

Disable = 14

Indicates that the CRM Client is Disable. 

Registry names 

RCOffline = "RCOffline"
UiState  = “UIState" 
SetOffline = "OfflineSetOffline" 
UserReplicationId = "UserReplicationID" 
LastUpdateTime  = "OfflineLastUpdateTime" 
RowsBatchSize = "OfflineRowsBatchSize" 
MaxRetryCount = "OfflineMaxRetryCount" 
IncreaseRate = "OfflineIncreaseRate" 
DecreaseRate = "OfflineDecreaseRate" 
MinBatchTimeMilliSec = "OfflineMinBatchTimeMilliSec" 
MaxBatchTimeMilliSec = "OfflineMaxBatchTimeMilliSec" 


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