Dynamics CRM 2015 Features and Functionalities Videos Released


The short video presentations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Features and Functionalities are now available.

It is split into two parts with the links and short description below:

Part 1   12 minutes

Search 0:22 minutes

Multi-entity 3:42 minutes

Business Rules 4:47 minutes

Hierarchy 5:11 minutes

Custom Help 7:18 minutes

Business Process Flows 8:12 minutes

Rule Based Branching 10:25 minutes


Part 2    16 minutes

The supported configurations in Dynamics CRM 2015 – 0:35 minutes

The upgrade process – 3:48 minutes

Calculated fields – 5.42 minutes

Rollup fields – 8:00 minutes

Hierarchical security model 10:17 minutes

Synchronization. 13:20 minutes


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