Dynamics CRM notification emails after creating content in the entities wall posts

In Dynamics CRM users have the possibility to add Post comments and notes in the entities. In this scenario example, the comment will be made by the user who is not an owner of this particular record.

Your business need is to receive a message from the system that in the record you own, a Post change was made by another user.

The below steps will show how to accomplish this using out of the box CRM functionality


  1. Create 1st  workflow for Entity “Post” which will be responsible for CREATE DRAFT Email with following values:




NOTE: Subject can be modified as business need. Important part to trigger other mechanism is related with “#” hash tag added in the beginning


  1. Create 2nd workflow for Entity “Email” where condition will be check if the “Subject” field contains “#” sign
    1. If it will be TRUE ->

i. Workflow will  UPDATE the field “To” by the value received from the Regarding owner e.g. from Account or Opportunity or Contact:



ii. After update it will change the Email Status to Sent.


  1. Otherwise stop workflow and Cancel it.


Workflow Rule should look like the following:



This process will successfully accomplish the need of the user owning the entity of which the Post was created on, to receive an email notification of it.

Another option would be to compile a custom plugin which will been able to retrieve the data from the regarding field of POST record created.


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EMEA Dynamics CRM Support Team

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Comments (1)

  1. Tim Dailey says:


    What if a user is mentioned on a wall post, but the post was in the general Wall and not regarding an account, contact or Opportunity.   Example:  I post on my co-workers wall "@Co-worker, great job today!"

    How can I make a workflow that will send the user an email notifying them they have a new wall post, and to make it even more useful, how can I include the actual post in the email?

    In your example, I was hoping I could set the "to" of the email in the 2nd workflow to the "Owner (Regarding: Post" but I don't see that option.

    Thank you, great blog!

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