Dynamics CRM 2013 Mobile and Tablet Apps cannot connect to CRM because of TokenLifetime value

Imagine the scenario where in Dynamics CRM 2013 you are trying to setup your organization in the Mobile and Tablet Apps, and you realize that when trying to authenticate you enter a never ending loop in which the application seems to be trying to perform some actions.


One cause of this is due to high values for the TokenLifetime ADFS property for the relying party can cause this issue.

To resolve this, we have not identified the max value that causes the overflow, never the less we recommend lowering the value of the TokenLifetime to its default value of 0 which means 600 minutes (10 hours) and using the SSOLifetime option in the federation service instead, which can prevent users from having to introduce their credentials too often in mobile and Tablet apps.

The default value of SSOLifetime is 480 minutes (8 hours).

More Information

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