Dynamics CRM 2011 List Component for SharePoint not working with https for CRM & http for SharePoint

Consider the following scenario. Your Dynamics CRM environment is set up with CRM using https and with SharePoint using http. You are trying to validate SharePoint sites in Dynamics CRM 2011 and shows as failed and you get the error:

“The URL schemes of Microsoft CRM and SharePoint are different”

In CRM you also go to document location - contacts – docs, and you get the below error when trying to open the document:

“Error occurred loading the page URL. Might not be a valid SharePoint site or location URL”

Having a page in https that contains referencing to a page in http is seen as a vulnerability of the browser and the browser needs to use a different method to handle the 2 types of contents and usually it is not allowed by default (the default value is to prompt to the user to allow this, but this will interfere with the on going mechanism of the integration).

To enable it, the user needs to act on the default setting of the browser as I will explain below and this will let the browser not prompt the user to ask for continuing or not to handle the mixed content (so the integration mechanism will continue for its way).

This setting is related to the IE hosted zone (in this case the Local Intranet site IE zone; by design CRM needs to be added to the Local Intranet site or the Trusted Site as well as all the other endpoint that the CRM will use to avoid any issues and this is a client setting) and it will affect all the endpoint hosted on it.

For example, for you, you are the CRM endpoint that is https and the SharePoint endpoint that is in http.

You need to apply the same setting to all the clients that will use the integration. To do that, you can make and deploy a logon script or a domain policy to set them.

This is a by design behaviour of the browser.

All was done with the last available version of the CRM component list
http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5283  (CRM 2011)  v. 05.00.9690.4159
http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40345 (CRM 2013)  v. 6.1.0000.1044

1. Open IE from which you will configure the integration (should be done also on all the clients)
2. Add in the Local Intranet site zone the endpoint for the CRM deployment (both ADFS and CRM) + SharePoint endpoint
3. Customize the Local Intranet site to enable the mixed mode content (it will avoid the prompt that will break the processes running during the integration)
4. Save all, close and reopen the IE and configure the SharePoint integration (you can validate and also create the folder as well; in any case you will continue to be prompted about the mixed content but this will not break the integration).


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