After the migration of a Dynamics CRM Online org to the O365 Platform, a non-interactive user may consume a license

If your CRM Online organization has been transitioned from the CRM Legacy Platform to the Microsoft online services environment, it may happen that a CRM user with a Non-Interactive access mode starts consuming a CRM user license.

This behavior is currently by design. As a none-interactive user can access the system but only through the Web service and thus doesn’t require a CRM user license, you can free up the license from such users following the below steps:

1. Log in with an CRM Admin user account to the CRM Online organization and make sure that the affected user is indeed a Non-Interactive user in CRM by the following steps:  Go to Settings> Administration> Users | Select the affected user | Go to Administration > check if Client Access License(CAL) Information “Access Mode” is set to “None-interactive” )




2. Log in with an Admin user account to Microsoft online services environment at and remove the CRM license from that user by the following steps: go to Users and Groups | select the affected user | select Licenses | uncheck the assigned CRM Online license




3. Wait a few minutes for the change to be synchronized with CRM. Log in to the CRM Online org one more time and confirm that the affected non-interactive user is still enabled by the following steps : Go to Settings> Administration > Users | check if the affected user occurs under Enabled Users view user even though it is not consuming a license.




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