Dynamics CRM 2013 and date/ time not rendered as expected for notes related to case records

Dynamics CRM 2013 customers may have an issue where date & time is not being rendered as expected for notes related to case records.

To resolve this issue, please apply the below action plan:

If the CRM app pool is running under a domain account:

On any of the CRM servers hosting the web application, login with the identity of the CRM app pool and go in control panel, open the reg. setting and set the proper reg. setting (English United States)

After saving, run IISRESET command

If the CRM app pool is running under a not-domain account (e.g. network service):

1. On any the CRM servers hosting the web application, login with a domain user that has the correct privilege to perform the action below:

Open the Control Panel, open the Regional Setting and select English (United States) for the logged user and click apply


2. Then click on Administrative tab and click on “Copy setting…” button


3. Then click on the checkbox “Welcome screen and system accounts”


4. Now finally click OK (if required restart the machine), else run IISRESET command.


Best Regards

Dynamics CRM Support Team

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Comments (3)
  1. Jesper Funk says:

    On a 2012  onpremise server go to Internet Information manager instead and change .Net Globalization on the Crm website.

    Change culture to English (Unitedstate) en-US

    Change UI-culture to English (Unitedstate) en-US

    Make a iis reset

    The cause of the problem is the badly coded Annotation.asmx which returns dates depending on the servers globalisation or the iis .net globalization.

    The caller expect the dates to be in en-us format mm/dd/yyyy hh:ii:ss. Other will fail or be misunderstod.

    If the server/IIS .net globalization  is in other formats fx da-DK the dates wil return in dd/mm/yyyy hh:ii:ss

    and is handled as if it was mm/dd/yyyy hh:ii:ss whth errors if  sender dd > 12.

    Chrome states invalid date

    Ie states  wrong dates as Today + hh:ii:ss or dates with day and month with switches place if  sender dd < 13.

    This makes the dates a mess for the end users.

    The NEXT bad thing is that the JavaScript uses the client regional settings for dates and not

    the date time format settings in CRM.

    Therefore you will se that the note could be formated in another way than the rest of the dates in the crm system.

    Badly coded JavaScript.

    The JavaScript and the annotation.asmx should be recoded and use a fixed date format in the communication between the annotation.asmx and the caller an then use the users crm date time formats setting when

    creating the display of note created datetime in the form.

    Best regards

    Jesper Funk

    Norriq A/S


  2. Thomas Rath says:

    I just want to add, that I'm farily convinced that this problem is not isolated to notes on cases. It's a general problem on all entities using notes.

  3. Bhanu Koniki says:

    This issue is happening again in CRM 2015 Onpremise edition – however, following the article resolved my issue. But, only in IE and Firefox. Also, I think the Notes entity date/time is determined by the local system Region Format Settings – isn't it? If I change to English US – it shows in mm/dd/yyyy format and if change to English India – it shows in dd/mm/yyyy format. And this works well in IE and Firefox but not on Chrome. Chrome always renders the date in mm/dd/yyyy format for some reason. Any idea what to do for fixing this across browsers or for Chrome?

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