Dynamics CRM 2013 Related record dropdown missing for long record names

If using Dynamics CRM 2013 UR1 web client with IE8 browser, you may see that the there is no dropdown next to the name, if the for example, account name, has a large length of characters.

The steps to see this are:
1) Open CRM 2013 in Internet Explorer 8
2) Create a new Account
3) Enter “Microsoft Corporation” in Account Name
4) Try to access related entities in Navigation bar -> the arrow to do that is not available
This is a known issue and the fix will be released in Update Rollup 2 for CRM 2013.

This does not affect IE9, IE10, Chrome browsers so please use these browsers until UR2 is released.

Pre UR2


Post UR2


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Dynamics CRM Team

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