Installing CRM 2011 on Windows Server 2012

With the release of CRM 2011 Update Rollup 13 installation on Windows Server 2012 is now supported. There are a few prerequisites that are different to 2008R2 so the information below should enable you to have an error free setup.

In Windows Server 2012 ensure that you enable the following Features and Roles. In 2012 the installations of both have been combined into one handy wizard:

Server Manager – Manage – Add Roles and Features

· File and Storage Services

· Web Server (IIS)

· .Net Framework 3.5 Features

· .NET Framework 4.5 Features

· Windows Search Service

To install CRM on Windows 2012 you will need to download the CRM setup from the Microsoft Download website; the iso image cannot be used as it does not already contain the slipstreamed UR6 package.

Copy this installation package to a temporary folder. Here I’ll be using C:\crm_install\

To complete the CRM server installation on Windows 2012 a Self-Healing Setup (SHS) update is also needed. If the Server has an active internet connection and Windows Update enabled this can be downloaded at runtime.

If not then you can download the SHS package and configure the installation. Add the “Setup Update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2011” and complete the basket to download.


The download contains all of the languages of the SHS and so you need to select the one that matches the base language of your CRM installation.


Extract the cab file for your language and inside you will find a ‘.msp’ package. Copy this to your c:\crm_install folder.

The final setup component you need is a setup config file. This ensures the crm installation process locates and uses the SHS you have downloaded. In the config file you need to specify the directory of your language specify SHS.

For full information you can review technet but I’ve included a simple example below:



<Patch update="true">c:\crm_install\Server_KB2434455_amd64_1033.msp</Patch>



Save this file as config.xml in the C:\crm_install directory. You should now have everything you need to start the installation process


As you’ll be installing using the config file you’ll need to complete the installation using Command Prompt.

First up navigate to the crm_install folder and extract the installation package:


Create a new ‘server’ folder in the crm_install directory when prompted by the extraction wizard. After that is completed you will see a “the extraction is complete” popup.

Navigate to this ‘server’ folder to run the SetupServer.exe and provide the config file details so that the SHS is used.


The checking for update step should show “Setup has finished downloading the update” to confirm that the setup has picked the SHS up correctly from the config file.


After this step the installation process is the same as on Windows 2008R2 and you should see a nice green screen on your system checks.



Best Regards

EMEA Dynamics CRM Support Team

Comments (14)

  1. SHS file? says:

    How do I know which of the SHS files is the right one for me. They all say en-server just like in your screenshot so what differentiates them? Or to put it in other words where can i find the correct file, does it come up on the installation prompt or something? I wont have direct access to the 2012 server computer until we go install so i want to have everything ready before hand. Thank you for this guide too.

  2. ixyatl says:

    You use the one that has your language code in it.  For example, EN-US is 1033.

  3. Kashif Saeed says:

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  4. derbjoern says:

    all done as descriped…but:

    Patch file is not valid for installing package. (packagevalidator.cpp:CWindowsInstallerPatchPackageValidator::Validate:364).

    Expected parameters for update file:

    Upgrade code – {20EA1269-CD24-459C-B8D7-E227D70386D9}

    Product code – {0C524D55-1409-0050-BD7E-530E52560E52}

    ProductLanguage – 1033

    BaseVersion – 5.0.9690.1992


    Patchfile target Product code: {0C524D55-1C0A-0050-BD7E-530E52560E52}

    info| Patchfile target version: 5.0.9690.1992

    Info| Patchfile target language: 3082

    Info| Patchfile target upgrade code: {20EA1269-CD24-459C-B8D7-E227D70386D9}

    pls help me out…

  5. Sebastian Chilcott says:

    To use the SHS file extract the content from the cab file and replace the filename in the config.xml with the name of the extracted file.

  6. Paul OBrien says:

    I keep getting an error parsing the config.xml – can anyone give me any pointers please?

  7. You are all idiots says:

    Why the hell can't Microsoft make things that just work

  8. No joy yet says:

    Hmm, I've tried these steps. Just get an access denied error. It's not file permissions as far as I can tell. I've had more errors than mouse clicks trying to get this system up. There are more limitations and errors than I or any one on the internet can keep track of. Come on we need stable software if we're paying for it.

    For anyone who's trying the same check out the MVP article on this topic…/definitive-guide-to-installing.html

  9. Windows 2012 R2 too? says:


    Is this true on 2012 r2 or not??

    I'm facing many troubles on this.


  10. CRM User -Win 2012R2 says:

    This is excellent!  Thank you for this really well presented set of instructions for 2012 INSTALLS

    @2012R2 works too!

    I will definitely be reading more of your posts.

  11. Senthil Kumar.N says:

    Perfect Presentation… working too..

  12. Rene says:

    Thank you very much. This solved my problem!

  13. King says:

    Hi after installing successfully crm app pool run on network service not with service account and when trying to change it I get "error system out of range"

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