Dynamics CRM 2011: Reply & Forward of Closed or Tracked Emails Might Generate Duplicate Email Activities

Reply or Forward of a closed (or tracked) CRM email could lead to duplicate email activities if the following is true:

CRM Server time is not in sync with client times, e.g. server time is a couple of minutes ahead of the client times.

In this case the browser cache will immediately expire on the client side causing a secondary server request which can result in duplicate activities; and in rare cases also can have effects on plugins configured on the server side to react twice.

Best Regards

Juliane Bock

Comments (2)

  1. Fabio says:

    Hello Guys, I am having issues with the emails, Whenever we assign an email to a ticket and do a Reply to all, Its duplicating the emails. We cannot take any further actions. It started to happen from a couple days now in CRM dynamics 2011

    Do you guys know what it could be?

    Thank you

  2. Stuart Fawcett says:

    Thanks Dannyf2 this was very helpful and fixed our issue.

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