GPO and AD attributes for a user in Dynamics CRM

To compare two users in a domain there are several settings that can affect how they function. If you have a working user and a failing user it is sometimes useful to compare some of these settings.

Active Directory

To extract all the information about a single user you can use ldifde from a command prompt.

ldifde -f Exportuser.ldf -d "dc=country,dc=corp,dc=company,dc=com" -p subtree -r "(&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=User)("

-f Exportuser.ldf is the output file and can have any name you select.

-d this is your domain. If you open a command prompt and type "set", the environment variable USERDOMAIN are the entries for the dc=. Remember order is important.

userPrincipalName is you email address.

Group Policy

There are several layers of group policy from domain policies down to user policy. These policies are then added together to a resultant policy (RSOP). To retrieve these you can pipe the result from gpresult to a text file for both users.

gpresult /v > RSOP.txt


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