CRM 2011: Configure forwarding rule without Rule Deployment Wizard and Outlook

If rule deployment wizard fails to create rules and the amount of users that need this rule activated is very big, there is a workaround possible to achieve this:

  1. Create a new view in CRM 2011 to display at least "Primary E-Mail" and "Incoming Email Delivery Method" as displayed columns
  2. Export the list to Excel as static worksheet
  3. Filter the exported list after "Incoming Email Delivery Method" - "Forward Mailbox" and delete the users, that don't have this incoming email delivery method, from the list
  4. Rename the "Primary E-Mail" column header to just "primary"
  5. Save the list as CSV File. Make sure the delimiter is Comma, not other delimiter (semicolon, etc.)
  6. Copy the file to the Exchange Server. I copied it on the desktop
  7. Open an Exchange PowerShell window as Administrator and run the following command:

import-csv C:\Users\<your user>\Desktop\<file.csv>| foreach {New-InboxRule -name 'ForwardAsAttach' -Mailbox $_.primary -ForwardAsAttachmentTo <forward mailbox alias>}


How the forwarding rule can be created manually, as per CRM 3.0:


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