Dynamics CRM 2011 – Unable to update an existing SQL based SRS report


You attempt to update an existing SQL based SRS report within Dynamics CRM 2011 via the following method:

  1. Within the reports list, find your report record, select, then click Edit.
  2. You click the Browse button at the end of the File Location field, select your updated RDL file and then press the save icon on the report record.

You receive the standard message:

"Caution: The report content from the previously specified file will no longer be available...."

3. You press OK to the dialogue box and the form refreshes.

Actual Result:

The report has not properly updated, despite no error thrown and everything appearing to go through ok.


Your CRM organisation database name does not have "_MSCRM" appended to it.

There is a workaround to get the report uploaded (see below) but for supportability, you should put into place and action plan to change the database name back to the supported naming convention.


Open up the report rdl file and rename the Initial Catalog reference to “ANYTHING_MSCRM” as we will replace this on the fly with the correct database name as we upload/update the report.


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Dynamics CRM Team

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