CRM Online: mail merge error when using different language templates on non-English CRM organizations


when you perform a mail merge via the Outlook Client on a non-English organization using a template from another enabled language, you may receive an error "An error occurred duringMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Mail Merge"


1. you have a German CRM Online organization and have enabled English as a second language
2. You have installed the German CRM Client for Outlook along with the English language pack on your desktop client.
3. Open the CRM client for Outlook (German base language, EN MUI, UR5 or higher)
4. Click on the CRM folder – navigate to Workplace – Customers – Accounts and open any account
5. in the ribbon click "Add" – "Mail merge"
6. In the mail merge window, choose English for the template language, choose e.g. "E-Mail" for mail merge type, choose an organisational template and click on OK


An error will occur.


To address the problem, install the English CRM Client for Outlook and all language packs that have been enabled on your organization (including the language pack for your Organization base language).

Comments (1)

  1. Jürgen Höchtl (smartmachine F&E GmbH) says:

    Thanks dannyf2,

    this solved my problem. For all guys out there who do not want to do this: use the webclient instead of the outlook-client for any "non-base-language-mail-merges" (beautiful word…) – there it works just fine.

    Happy hacking


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