Web Resource Utility Sample for CRM 2011 Online

The Web Resource Utility can be used to mass upload resources (e.g. icons) to CRM 2011 Online. It is part of the CRM 2011 SDK and delivered as source code sample.

The following below will provide a step by step description, what actions are needed for such a mass upload of resources.


1. As the tool is based on the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), make sure that .NET Framework 4.0 is installed previously on your computer. You can download a standalone installer from here:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4

2. To use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online (or any claims-based environment), you must install Windows Identity Foundation. The setup can be found here:

Windows Identity Foundation


Creation of a new connection

1. Double click the file WebResourceUtility.exe to start the tool.

2. Now click the “New” button and overwrite the name “New Connection” with a connection name of your choice.

Name: CRM 20111 Online Organization Contoso

3. Into the server field you will have to enter the Server name of your organization.

This can be extracted from the URL of your confirmation e-mail, when you signed up for a new online subscription.

If you are located in EMEA the correct server name is crm4.dynamics.com.

In case you are located in USA, the server name will be crm.dynamics.com.

Server: crm4.dynamics.com

4. Into the Organization field you have to enter the unique name of your organization. This can be extracted from the URL of your confirmation e-mail, when you signed up for a new online subscription.

For example your organization URL is https://crm4org799fc.crm4.dynamics.com/ does mean the unique name is crm4org799fc.

Organization: crm4org799fc

5. The user name is your Live ID, which you use to logon to your CRM organization. This can be extracted from your confirmation e-mail, when you signed up for a new online subscription.

Username: user@contoso.com

6. Finally click on the “Save Connection” button. The configuration should look like this:

Choosing a solution

1. Click the “Connect!” button of the previous created connection. The tool will prompt for the password. Enter your Live ID password and click the “Submit” button.

2. Click on “Solutions” on the left side of the tool. By default this tab will be skipped and the tool will directly jump to Web Resource Packages. The selected solution is the default container for the uploaded web resources.

When more than one unmanaged solution does exist, you can choose the right one from the list and set it to active.

By default, the “Default Solution” is selected. Click on the button “Choose”.

3. The tool will show you an active connection and solution on the left side and an empty list of packages on the right side.

Creation of a new package
1. Click on the button “New Package”, define a Package Name of your choice (e.g. Contoso) and select a Root Path (e.g. C:\WebResource).

The tool will display a list of all available files in that folder.

2. Select the wanted web resources and click the “Add Files to Web Resources” button. Now click “Save Package” and after that click the “Upload All” button.

The tool will do a mass upload of the selected files and publish the new files to CRM.

3. Start your browser and logon to your CRM organization.

Got to Settings -> Customizations -> Customizations and choose “Customize the system”.

4. A new tab or window will open. Select Components -> Web Resources. You can see the uploaded files, which are also already published.

More Information

You should also consult the readme.docx for additional information.
The readme file is located in the SDK folder structure (e.g. c:\sdk\tools\webresourceutility).

More information can also be found online.

Sample: Web Resource Utility



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