CRM support tools hosted by the EMEA Dynamics CRM Support blog

You might have seen that the CRM support tools are no longer available via the following blog:

The tools are now available for download via our EMEA CRM support blog. For documentation purpose / historic information please refer back to (we did not copy over all the related information).

The following tools are included within the file:

CRM 4.0 - Automatic Fix-It tool for KB968793 ->
CRM 4.0 - E-Mail Connector Logger Tool ->
CRM 4.0 - (vers. 4.0.7333.10) 

CRM 3.0 - (vers. 3.0.5300.091307)
CRM 3.0 – 

We have combined all above mentioned ZIP files into a single file. We will periodically update/ extend the tools so watch out for new versions.


The CRMDiagTool for CRM 2011 is available via the following links:

Greetings from the CRM team  (Latest upload 13.4.2010)

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