CrmDiagTool4 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is now available on the EMEA Dynamics CRM Support blog

From now on we will host the CrmDiagTool4 for Microsoft CRM 4.0 on this blog. The tool enables you to collect troubleshooting data regarding the following CRM components.

  • Microsoft CRM Server
  • Microsoft SRS Data Connector
  • Microsoft CRM E-Mail Router

How to run the tool?
Unzip the archive on the target server (CRM Server, Router or SRS for CRM). Double click on the Exe file and select the appropriate target from the drop down list.

NOTE: This tool does not work remotely, it has to be executed locally on the Target server!


CRM Server (the following data is collected)

  • System Information
  • Environment Variables
  • TCPIP Parameters Registry
  • Boot.ini Content
  • .Net Framework Registration
  • CRM Services Status and Logon Info
  • CRM Registry Keys
  • CRM Installed Files
    • %ProgramFiles%
    • GAC
  • Web Sites Bindings
  • ApplPool Indentities
  • CRM WebSite Authentication
  • SQL Server Information
  • CRM System Settings
  • CRM AD Groups Information
  • Organization and Deployment Informations (retrieved by SDK or SQL queries)


SRS Data Connector (the following data is collected)

  • System Information
  • Environment Variables
  • SRS Data Connector Installed  files
    • %ProgramFiles%\CRM Data Conn
    • %ProgramFiles%\ReportServer
  • ReportServer Settings (WMI)
  • Report Manager Settings (WMI)
  • RSReportServer.config content
  • RSSrvPolicy.config content
  • SRSDataConnectorSetup.log


CRM E-Mail Router (the following data is collected)

  • System Information
  • Environment Variables
  • CRM E-Mail Router installed  files
  • CRM E-Mail Router Service Info
  • Microsoft.Crm.Tools.EmailAgent.Xml content
  • Crm40ExchangeSetup.log


All tools that are hosted by the EMEA Dynamics CRM support blog are now available via the following link.


Greetings from the CRM team

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    Could you tell me if there is anyone to help me to interpreting the results of this execution tool?

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    Francisco Yu

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