Dynamics AX Business Intelligence blog

I run into this blog some time ago. It is lead by Saveen Reddy who is Product Manager for Dynamics AX Business Intelligence. On his blog you will find the bunch of screen cast which will help you to develop reports: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dynamicsaxbi/archive/2010/12/01/ax-ssrs-reporting-screencast-list.aspx as well some sneak previews regarding Dynamics AX 2012 and BI. Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dynamicsaxbi/…


Dynamics AX OLAP cubes shows data only till 2008 year

Some time ago we run into following problem. When we browsed Accounts Receivable Cube for Total Sales dimension we could see data only till 2008 year, the data for years: 2009, 2010 and 2011 where just simple not displayed. The first idea was to try solution from following post: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/emeadaxsupport/archive/2011/01/07/olap-time-dimension-does-not-contain-dates-for-year-2011.aspx but it did not help….


Error when accessing form “BI generation options”

You get error when opening form Administration > Setup > Business analysis > OLAP > BI generation options Cannot execute the required database operation. The SQL database has issued an error and in Application event viewer on AOS server you can find following entry The database reported (session 3 (Admin)): [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Invalid column…


How to add financial dimension to Dynamics AX Default cubes

Lately we got some request regarding this subject. Unfortunately in current version the is no way to get it done automatically. The process as the cleaning cubes process is quite complex and manual. Although with help of team we managed to create attached draft document with step by step documentation how to add financial dimension…


OLAP Time dimension does not contain dates for year 2011

I ran into this problem when running TS_DeliveryPerformance report which was simply empty. After investigation I saw that all packing slip transactions made in January 2011 were shown in Sales Cube under Unknown year. Going forward when I browse Time dimension I could see that dates are only generated till the end of 2010 year. …


Problem with CEO Role Center

Sometimes I can see following problem. In the CEO role center the financial KPIs give following error: The error is Query (1, 9) The Total Revenue-Argument for the given KPIVALUE-Function must be a KPI-Name (Key Performance Indicator). Here problem is quite easy. For General Ledger KPIs please make sure that Ledger account categories are correctly…


Problem with Production Manager role center

Some time ago I run into following problem with Production Manager Role Center. One of the reporting services report – Capacity load nect 30 days (hours) raised error: Error while executing query for WIPLevel-Dataset. The [WIP Level]-element could not be found in the cube while analyzing the string ‘[Measure].[WIP Level]. The value expression for the…


How to manually deploy ODC Files to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Enterprise Portal

Sometimes you may come across an issue with deploying ODC files from “AX2009 ->Administration -> Setup -> Business Analysis -> OLAP -> OLAP Administration” for various reasons and you have already tried the suggestions given in this link, then you can follow through the following manual steps to deploy them to the Enterprise Portal Server: 1. The ODC files…


Error when deploying ODC files: Development site is not found in the EPParameters table

We recently came across and issue where when we click on the “Deploy ODC” button in the OLAP Administration form in AX 2009 client (AX 2009 -> Administration -> Setup -> Business Analysis -> OLAP -> OLAP Administration) we get the following error in InfoLog:   “Development site is not found in the EPParameters table”…