Using AXC file for AX client.

If you are editing an AX 4.0/2009 configuration file (.axc) and adding new configuration values at the end of the file, please ensure to enter a new line (CR+LF), so that the last line entered can be read when it is being used. Text on the last line ending without a carriage return is ignored.


--author: Karel Fischl
--editor: Karel Fischl
--date: 12/May/2011
Comments (2)

  1. casperkamal says:

    But we generally create Axc files using the AxClientConfigUtility (AxClicfg.exe) and rarely do it through you still think we should do it in that case ?

  2. Hi, If you're editing through the configuration utility then you don't need to do anything manually afterwards. In this post Karel means a situation where you're adding extra values to an axc that are not available through the configuration utility – in that case you have to add them manually in a text editor like notepad.


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