Documentation "How to: Add a URL Drill Through Action" confusing

Recently we found an “Invalid Range” error to logged when using drill through on an AX SRS Report we created for a custom table following the documentation at the link below:     “How to: Add a URL Drill Through Action” From further investigation we found the the hardcoded 1 at indexFields.Add method from the code…


Can I install just the kernel part of a rollup

Yes you can. It is perfectly acceptable (and supported) to install just the kernel part of a rollup, so you can for example have your application version on 5.0.1000.52 (original SP1) or perhaps 5.0.1500.2985 (rollup 5) and have the kernel version on anything above 5.0.1000.52, such as 5.0.1500.3761 (rollup 6), or maybe something even newer!…


How batch processing works under the hood AX2009

In this article I am going to explain how batch processing in AX2009 works, I don’t mean how to set up a batch group or any of that kind of thing that you find in the manual, what I mean is what each AOS is doing in the background to decide how and when to pick up…


Document References Are Not Always Deleted

In Dynamics AX it’s possible to add in document reference in many forms using the document handling functionality. However, when you sometimes delete a record that has an associated document reference; this reference in the DocuRef table remains. This is due to the fact that there is not always a relation between a table and…


Transactional Replication with AX 2009

Recently I was asked some questions about Transactional Replication with Dynamics AX and SQL Server. For information the following is a list of the supported replication options in AX 2009: High-availability configuration Support status Failover clustering active/passive Supported Log shipping Supported Transactional replication Supported Snapshot replication Supported Database mirroring Supported Merge replication Not supported due…


Sample steps on installing and configuring SharePoint 2010 and deploying AX 2009 Role Centers and Enterprise Portal

A while ago I went through the motions of Installing SharePoint Foundation 2010 and then deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Role Centers and Enterprise Portal feature on it. The pdf document attached to this blog post describes the steps I took in detail with screenshots.     –author: Anup Shah –editor: Anup Shah –date: 14/Feb/2011…


Kerberos authentication does not work when Enterprise Portal uses a non-standard port

We started configuration from standard WhitePaper Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 White Paper: Configuring Kerberos Authentication with Role Centers However even if Kerberos and SPNs are configured correctly you can run into an authentication issue, if you have the following components running on their own server with Windows Server 2008 as the operating system: Microsoft SQL…


Dynamics AX OLAP cubes shows data only till 2008 year

Some time ago we run into following problem. When we browsed Accounts Receivable Cube for Total Sales dimension we could see data only till 2008 year, the data for years: 2009, 2010 and 2011 where just simple not displayed. The first idea was to try solution from following post: but it did not help….


Error when accessing form “BI generation options”

You get error when opening form Administration > Setup > Business analysis > OLAP > BI generation options Cannot execute the required database operation. The SQL database has issued an error and in Application event viewer on AOS server you can find following entry The database reported (session 3 (Admin)): [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Invalid column…