How to add financial dimension to Dynamics AX Default cubes

Lately we got some request regarding this subject. Unfortunately in current version the is no way to get it done automatically. The process as the cleaning cubes process is quite complex and manual. Although with help of team we managed to create attached draft document with step by step documentation how to add financial dimension to Dynamics AX Default cubes. Please note that the exact steps my differ based on license keys you have applied. Below you can also find the reference to White Papers around Dynamics AX Default cubes we can find:

- Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 White Paper: Configure the Default OLAP Cubes

- Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 White Paper: Extending Default Cubes for Virtual Companies

- Default Cube Advisor Tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 has been released

- Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Business Intelligence Cube Reference Guide

author: Czesława Langowska, Jago van der Most, Anne Schwarz-Nielsen
editor: Czesława Langowska
date: 13/Jan/2011
edited: 01/Feb/2011

How to add Financial Dimensions to Default cubes_v1.2.pdf

Comments (5)

  1. Is this a limitation in the database engine or in SSAS? The system requirements should reflect this at least as a note

  2. I'm refering to what you call translation of metadata on page 3-4 in the PDF document

  3. The metadata translation is the limitation from SQL Analysis Services. Dynamics AX analysis extensions script will successful install on each edition of Analysis Services, the problem happens when we need to create project and then deploy it, but it can be easily workaround by connecting directly to SSAS. As Dynamics AX supports several languages of course Dynamics AX analysis OLAP database also needs to have translations included for international deployments.

    Kind regards

    Czesława Langowska

  4. Chad Renstrom says:

    Won't "Update BI Data" over-write existing cube customization?  Then again, this process would probably be done by someone very early in cube implementation.

  5. Hello Chad,

    "Update BI data" (…/dd309701.aspx ) updates just data in some BI tables used for our cubes (i.e. BIEXCHANGERATES). As a matter of fact it needs to be done quite regularly or we should use Update cubes with exchange rates batch. For sure it will not update cube customization as it does not touch cube design.

    There is different functionality which change cube design which is call “Update BI project” :…/cc618242.aspx which should never be run for Dynamics AX analysis extensions (Dynamics AX database). This can be run only for customized cubes which we want to update.

    Kind regards

    Czesława Langowska

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