Role Center is no longer showing up after installing an Application Roll-Up package

I recently came across the situation that after installing an Application Roll-Up package the Role Center page was no longer showing up in Dynamics AX 2009 and the “Home” module was also completely missing – just as if no Role Center was specified. The Role Center URL was however configured and could be manually accessed from Internet Explorer.

The root cause of the issue was, that after installing the Application Roll-Up the Upgrade Checklist was not completed in all steps. After completing all steps of Upgrade Checklist and restarting the Dynamics AX 2009 Client, the Role Center showed up again.

In the Table method EPGlobalParameters::homepageSiteURL Dynamics AX is explicitly checking if the Upgrade Checklist was completed and if not the URL the Role Center is not returned.

--author: Alexander Lachner
--editor: Alexander Lachner
--date: 08/06/2010
Comments (1)

  1. Ron says:

    Had the same Problem.

    updated – compiled – synchronized – no Role center.

    What we forgot is, that we had deactivated the initialization chacklist. As long as you havent checked off everything there, your Role Center won't show up.

    So, just pull the list, check everything off and your Center will be back.

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