Visual Studio Dynamics AX report development how to associate X++ class with report dataSet

Some time ago I run into following question regarding reporting development in Visual Studio 2008

To add a query to AxQuery you pass in a Dictionary object, but our range needs to be equivalent to:

select * from InventTrans where DatePhysical < _paramDate && (DateFinancial == datenull() || DateFinancial > _paramDate)

The problem is on how to have the OR on DateFinancial field. Also how do you do a between range, you can only have one field in the dictionary which seems to only allow or date..

To solve this problem I did following:
1. I've created class in AOD called InventTransReport with following method:\

public InventTrans returnData(str parmDate)
      InventTrans InvTr;
      date parm;
      parm = str2date(parmDate,123);
      select * from InvTr where (invTr.DateFinancial < parm) && (invTr.DateFinancial == str2date("",123) || invTr.DatePhysical > parm);
      return InvTr;


2. In Visual Studio I’ve created new project using Dynamics AX Reporting Project

3. I've created following dataMethod

[DataMethod(), AxSessionPermission(SecurityAction.Assert)]
public static DataTable ReportInventTrans(string paramDate)
      // Call AX to get the report data
      AxaptaWrapper ax = SessionManager.GetSession();
      AxaptaObjectWrapper axClass = ax.CreateAxaptaObject("InventTransReport");
      AxaptaRecordWrapper axRecord = ax.CreateAxaptaRecord(axClass.Call("returnData", paramDate));
      // Prepare the DataTable structure DataTable resTable = new DataTable();
      resTable.Locale = CultureInfo.InvariantCulture;
      resTable.Columns.Add("ItemID", typeof(String));
      resTable.Columns.Add("DatePhysical", typeof(DateTime));
      resTable.Columns.Add("DateFinancial", typeof(DateTime));
      while (axRecord.Found)
          resTable.Rows.Add(axRecord.GetField("ItemID"), axRecord.GetField("DatePhysical"), axRecord.GetField("DateFinancial"));
     return resTable; 

4. I’ve added new DataSet to my Report and set up following properties:

Data Source Type: Business Logic

Query: ReportInventTrans


The report worked correctly

Comments (2)

  1. arif.ramzan says:


    When I used your code in my scenario, it works but axRecord.Found returns false and when I debug it, it shows information about that record and when i use axRecord.Next() befor axRecord.Found, it moves to the next record. Any idea about this behaviour.

  2. JimChw says:

    I loaded a tmp table and passed it this way.  I found I had to insert this statement before the While loop…

    axRecord.ExecuteStmt("Select * from %1");

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