Error in compiling datetime2str()

Lately we run into following problem. Doing different action in Dynamics AX client we got Dynamics AX 2009 Debugger pop up and following error:

Error executing code: Wrong argument type for function.

The problem was caused that application and Client was running on different build version.
Client was AX 2009 RTM ( and application on 2009 SP1 (5.0.1000.52)

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  1. Aman says:


    In case you dont want to install SPI to get rid of this error,

    you could simply remove the datetime2str method.

    For eg,

    you could write “datetime2str(lastActionDateTime, DateFlags::FormatAll)”

    as “lastActionDateTime”.

    Make sure you do these changes in three places in SysWorkflowFormControls Class.

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