How to open an AX form from your own help

In the standard AX on-line help you can link to a form in AX (open the form).
E.g. Accounts receivable > Setup > Customer groups > F1 > Terms of payment link.

When you click on the link, the Terms of payment form will open.

The following is needed if you would like to use this functionality from your own help:

  • You should link form as following html code:
    <a onmouseover="'hand'" onclick="AxMenuItemExecute('Display','paymterm')">
    <label axtype="MenuItem" axmenutype="Display" axmenuitem="paymterm">Terms of payment</label>

  • script_main.js script from AX Help Tool Kit should be a part of your CHM

  • In each html file you should put reference to AxLabel object as following code:
    <OBJECT ID="AxLabel" CLASSID="CLSID:F5DD8727-673F-4523-869A-35AAA05AE782"></OBJECT>

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