Overview of Dynamics AX build numbers


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Overview of AX build numbers

This post does now only list AX 4.0 and previous versions.


Dynamics AX 4.0

Version Kernel build Application build Comments
Dynamics AX 4.0 RTM 4.0.1659.26.0 4.0.1659.26  
Dynamics AX 4.0 RTM Aug. 4.0.1659.36.0 4.0.1659.36 Localizations (GLS)
Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1 4.0.2163.0 4.0.2163.0  
Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1 Loc 4.0.2163.0 4.0.2200.0 With NO/IS/SV GLS layer
Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1 Hotfix 4.0.2500. xxx 4.0.2500. xxx Published Hotfixes
Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2 4.0.2501.116 4.0.2501.116  
Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2 4.0.2501.116 4.0.2501.116/P40-2-30 With Payroll module
Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2 Loc 4.0.2501.116 4.0.2200.0 NO/IS/SV GLS/GLP
Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2 Loc 4.0.2501.116 4.0.2501.121 EE GLS/GLP
Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2 Loc 4.0.2501.116 4.0.2501.347 EE FeaturePack1
Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2 Hotfix 4.0.2503. xxx 4.0.2503. xxx Published Hotfixes

Axapta 3.0

Version Kernel build Application build Comments
Axapta 3.0 1951.8 514 OP023
Axapta 3.0 Kernel Hotfix 1 1951.801 514 OP023
Axapta 3.0 SP1 first version 1951.17 514-12 SP1 OP023-6 SP1
Axapta 3.0 SP1 1951.18 514-12 SP1 OP023-6 SP1
Axapta 3.0 SP2 1951.2410 514-90 SP2 OP023-19
Axapta 3.0 SP3 1951.3730 514-193 SP3 OP023-71
Axapta 3.0 SP3 Kernel Hotfix 1 1951.3733 514-193 SP3 OP023-71
Axapta 3.0 SP4 1951.4060 514-320 SP4 OP023-196
Axapta 3.0 SP5 1951.5160 514-513 SP5 OP023-379
Axapta 3.0 SP6 1951.7609 514-859 SP6 OP023-659
Axapta 3.0 KR1 1951.6710    
Axapta 3.0 KR2 1951.7500    
Axapta 3.0 KR3 1951.7609    

Axapta 2.5

Version Kernel build Application build Comments
Axapta 2.5 1270.3 377 Option Pack 2.5
Axapta 2.5 SP1 1270.15 377-20 Option Pack 2.5-1
Axapta 2.5 SP2 1270.31 377-57 Market Pack 2.5-2
Axapta 2.5 SP2 Kernel Hotfix 1 1270.31-3 377-57 Market Pack 2.5-2
Axapta 2.5 SP3 1270.37 377-79 Market Pack 2.5-3
Axapta 2.5 SP3 Kernel Hotfix 1 1270.37-1 377-79 Market Pack 2.5-3
Axapta 2.5 SP3 Kernel Hotfix 2 1270.3703 377-79 Market Pack 2.5-3
Axapta 2.5 SP4 1270.3800 377-109 4 Market Pack 2.5-4


--author:  Daniel Durrer
--editor: Daniel Durrer
--updated: 29/03/2012
Comments (17)

  1. Hello Alexander, what´s de difference between Kernel version and Application version?

    Best regards

  2. Hi Edvandro,

    The Dynamics AX Kernel is the component executing the X++ Application code. So the Kernel version is the version of the executable (Client, Server, Business Connectors) while the Application version is the version of the Dynamics AX “Business Logic” – the X++ Application code, Forms, Repots – everything in the AOT.

    You can check the current Application version in the Dynamics AX Client going to "Help – About Microsoft Dynamics AX".

    Best regards,
    (Member of the EMEA Dynamics AX Support Blog Team)

  3. AX Fan says:

    Hello Alexander, Hello Daniel,

    could you add Information about the realease dates for the updates/rtm's and so on?

    That would be great, because we I'm planning to develop an AX Customer Administration Tool.

    And the given informations are very helpfull for this.

    Thanks a lot and best regards


  4. Chris says:

    Hi there,

    Is there any word on whether SP1 was the final service pack release for AX 2009? I'm struggling to find any info, it seems that it may just be rollups now?




    There is no official date for a next service pack for AX2009 yet. The rollups are not intended as a replacement for service packs. There are some things we can do in a service pack that we can't do in a hotfix (or rollup), for example we can't have a dependency between kernel and application in a hotfix, but we can in a service pack, so there is still a place for service packs.

    Our support policy means that 24 months after the next service pack is released, the support for the previous service pack will end, so we try to strike a balance here, we don't want to push SP1 customers out of support prematurely by releasing a new service pack too soon, which is part of the thinking behind the longer gap between service packs.

    –Tariq Bell MSFT

  5. Tommy Skaue says:

    Be adviced – The Application version is reported by the Application Version class. If this class is overlayered with partner customizations, the version number exposed in the About dialog might be inaccurate. It is not that common, but I've seen this once before unfortunately.

  6. Porfyris Antonis says:

    Hi there,

    Can I apply a kernel RollUp without applying the Application RollUp ?

    For example I have AX 2009 SP1 RollUp 3 (Kernel & Application) installation, can I apply the RollUp 6 only for the Kernel ?


    Yes you can apply the Kernel, on all AX systems (AOS servers, AX client and servers running AX extensions like AIF, Workflow, EP, SSRS etc). As with everything test the updates to see it is totally compatible with your custom applications.


    Kind Regards


  7. Ansar says:

    Hello to all,

    when compiling the Aot in Dynamics Axapta, we got an error message " DateFlags: the Enumeration Doesn't exist"  the following version was there…

    Kernel Version – 5.0.593.0,

    Application Version5.0.10001.96

    after that we installed sp1 and rollup5 on client after that

    Kernal Version -5.0.1500.2985

    Application Version -5.0.1001.96

    when compiling the Aot we are getting lot of erros… why this happens… can anyone suggest pls….




    please see KB article https://mbs.microsoft.com/knowledgebase/KBDisplay.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;971303 for more details


  8. DC says:

    We're running AX Kernel: 5.0.1500.1670.  I know we are running SP1 RU3 and these are the hotfixes listed in syshotfixmanifest – KB959598, KB973439  

    I cannot find any resource that shows which hotfix changed the build number to 1670 from 1313?  

    We have build number 1313 and 1670 being reported in sysuserlog for recent logins most are for 1670 but some are 1313 I cannot work out which hotfix needs applying to those clients reporting 1313 or which one of the above has been applied to them

    Any ideas/suggestions?

  9. The fixes in syshotfixmanifest are for individual application (X++) fixes you've installed only – the kernel ones aren't listed there.

    Build 5.0.1500.1670 is from KB978016. The KB number for kernel version isn't held anywhere inside AX currently, I would perhaps expect it to be recorded externally to AX via the change management process.

    By the way the latest kernel version as of today is KB2519035, 5.0.1500.4622, if/when you're ready to upgrade to latest.


  10. DC says:

    Thanks for the info Tariq – very much appreciated!

  11. Shaakera says:

    Hi All,

    We are running AX2009 SP1 Rollup One with Inventory II. We would like to upgrade to Rollup 6. Does anyone have any experiences with this?



    You might get a wider audience if you post this on the Online Technical Community (OTC) forums, which you can access through https://partner.microsoft.com/global/40014662 if you have access to the Microsoft Partner Network

    —regards Anup

  12. DC says:

    Quick question – we are about to test RU7 kernel but have noticed there’s quite a lot of HF’s released since, I take it it would be better to install the most recent hotfix too which currently is listed as KB 2557175 (I presume this is the most recent one as it’s at the top of the list on mbs.microsoft.com/…/ax2009hotfixlist.htm  )

    Or would the last Kernel one thats listed be the one to install which is KB 2552021

    This would ensure we are completely upto date with the latest Kernel version wouldn’t it?


  13. The newest kernel one is KB 2552021 – yes this is the absolute newest kernel you can get right now.


  14. DC says:

    So just to confirm the advice I've been given by our developers – would KB2552021 contain every kernel hotfix released to date if its the latest kernel build?

    If so would this mean also that RU7 wouldn't need to be installed prior to this KB as it would be included in that along with other kernel HF's released since RU7?

    Thanks Tariq.

  15. Yep that's right the kernel fixes are always cumulative, so you only need to apply the newest one, no need to apply a different one first as it would just get replaced by the newer one. So you don't need to apply RU7 first.



  16. Julia Govorun says:


    Could you tell please, which kernel build is the latest one? On the web site we can see only that  HOT Fixes which came out in May 2011. Is KB2552021 the latest one? Did you release something new in June 2011?


  17. Hi Julia, at the time you wrote that was the newest one, but the newest right now is KB 2578033, which equates to build 5.0.1500.5322.

    For AX2009 the new kernel builds come out on an as-needed basis, so sometimes several might be released in short space of time, and other times we might have a few weeks with no new ones.

    For AX4 they are released as one weekly build each week, and if there are no fixes that week then we just skip it.


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