Questions to web-development

While planning to create a web page based on Dynamics AX data we came across the following questions:

  1. Is it possible to connect from php with use of business connector to Dynamics AX? If so how? Is there any example available?

  2. Is it possible to connect from ASP.NET? If so how?

  3. How to connect from ASP.NET to Dynamics AX. Are there any examples available?

Finally I found the following information:

  1. There is an article about this:
    Using NET Assemblies in PHP (it is a Windows version of PHP)
    In my opinion it will be easier to use a WebService to comunicate with AX.

  2. To this I found the following link:
    Calling .NET-DLL from classic ASP page

  3. Please have a look at this:
    Using Dynamics 'AX .NET Business Connector' to access Dynamics AX 4.0 from .NET world

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