ODBC DSN not appearing 64 bit OS

This one had me stumpped for a bit, thanks to my colleague for getting to the bottom of this one. Running a 64 bit OS, set up an ODBC DSN, but can’t select it in my 32 bit application, which is of course the AX server configuration utility for AX4. This is weird because the…


AX Data Import Performance

This one comes up fairly often for me, importing a large volume of data into AX, it performs badly, what on earth can I do to make it faster?? Well there are a few options, here’s the details that I give to people when they ask: Optimise the dat file method of export/import, there are…


AOS Service out of memory

This week I saw an issue with an AOS which was consuming too much memory (~1.8gb) and then throwing users off.Put simply this was because in the server configuration utility, database tuning tab, the maximum buffer size was set too high. In my experience this is a commnon mistake. The field is actually held in…



To the EMEA AX Support team blog, hopefully you will this a valuable source of information as it develops over the coming weeks and months.