SharePoint 2010


As you may know, SharePoint 2010 is here. It was presented during SharePoint Conference 2009 that took place in Vegas few days ago.

You can imagine I test and evaluate it internally for months now, but can only talk about it since few days.

Contributing to the build of a new product/release is really exciting.

I won’t start to describe all the features, as many others will do better than me, and 300 hours of sessions from SPC2009 are here for that.

I will do other things:

  1. Share & blog regularly on my knowledge, tools and experiences I have everyday with the product

  2. Just say how I summarize it when customers or colleagues ask me to describe it:

  • For those who don’t know the product, the best sentence I know to describe the product is:

    • The business collaboration platform for the Enterprise and the Web

  • For the one knowing MOSS 2007, I say:

    • It’s looks like a similar product but with EVERYTHING in it which is either improved or changed

I am very happy being pat of this story, and hope I will transmit to you this thrill.

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