White Paper on unattended / scripted MOSS 2007 setup is available !

Hi all,

From various customer engagements, few months ago, I realized Microsoft had to bring in one place a way to industrialize MOSS 2007 environments setup.

Once available in a coherent and unified resource, it could benefit equally SP developers, knowing their work will deploy more easily, and the administrators, being able to dramatically improve consistency in their release management and platform setup.

That’s why I created and presented the TechReady 7 session OFC302 on MOSS scripted install, as I described here (Speaker at TechReady7 – Creating and Presenting OFC302 MOSS 2007 scripting).

Thanks to the TechNet team, and especially with the Microsoft Office SharePoint Content Publishing Team, we wrote and published this White Paper : Using scripts to automate SharePoint Server 2007 installations (white paper).

You should use it to define your setup strategy for your MOSS farms.

The associated tool is under creation (v1 is coming …. slowly). You can follow progress and read the vision here : http://www.codeplex.com/SPAutoSetup

This subject will become bigger and bigger, as a lot of enterprises adopt SharePoint technologies, and not a lot of enterprises allow “on-click” setup and configuration.

It’s just the opening of a new door to insert MOSS 2007 in Enterprise and wide scale systems.

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