Automating WSS v3/MOSS 2007 development environment setup: part VII – Setup SharePoint binaries


Platform is ready to have SharePoint installed. To follow best practices on service accounts, you should now only use the AD\MOSS_Setup_acct we created previously.

To setup the binaries, I use the ISO binaries I created here :

The ISO is attached to the Virtual Machine.

Now, connect to the server with AD\MOSS_setup_acct (in my case, password is moss).

To launch the setup an unattended way, you’ll need a config.xml file.

A lot of example of config.xml files are available in the \x86\\Files\ directory on the binaries CD.

Here is mine :


Then, just launch the setup :

and enjoy the result :

You’re done with binaries (Note : to monitor installation, watch SETUP.exe in the task manager !)



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  2. Un petit post rapide pour linker une excellente série faite par Emmanuel Bergerat sur son blog : Automating

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