Technology trends from TechReady 7


As described in my last post, I attended (and speaked) at TechReady 7 event in Seattle, WA.

TechReady is the biggest and the best Microsoft internal event for Technical readiness and discussions between Microsoft Products’ Groups and the worldwide field.

This event is huge:

-          More than 6 000 thousands attendees, from all the World

-          More than 600 sessions, breakouts, chat talk, labs, etc.

-          Full dedicated team for organization and management


This event in itself makes the difference between Microsoft and many others technology companies.

From the tracks I followed, I wanted to share the trends for the next years at Microsoft I perceived:

-          Abstraction layers will go a step ahead, enabling fluent resource balancing:

o   It will enable seamless balance between hardware resources and “logical” resources (like infrastructure, operating systems, storage, memory ...)

o   Scalability will be adapted to the “on-demand” needs. The servers will get the resources they need (especially if virtualized) depending on their “childs’ OS” needs

o   Applications will also be balanced depending on their resources needs, enabling a more efficient use of the Hardware. You’ll be able to start and allocate hardware resources to the Services needing it (for example absorbing a visitor's peak on a web site), all this on the fly ….

-          Software + Service begins to take shape:

o   Our servers’ products will offer the flexibility and scalability to go from small to huge hardware without hitting setup walls (like switching from a shared to a dedicated SQL server)

o   Our products (servers at least) will also enable any scenarios in between “on premises” (customer hosting) to “in the cloud” hosting. Cloud either be hosters’ datacenters or Microsoft directly (leveraging experience accumulated with the Live business)


-          The technologies enabling this vision will rely on :

o   Hyper-V v2

o   Windows server 2008 R2

o   IIS 7

o   TS gateway

o   … and and others products/features (they're on their way …, but it’s good to keep surprisesJ).

What a journey to drive … Achieving fully fluent experience for users (anywhere on any device at any time), will need new ideas, new skills ... for new jobs.

I can’t wait to be there.

Stay tuned. Microsoft has all the parts to build this, so ….



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