Matthew’s Bio

Hi!  My name is Matthew Tundo and I am a Software Development Engineer on the Windows Embedded team.  My primary areas of focus are developer tools and servicing.  Before joining Microsoft, I worked at a start-up company creating file system and network security software, and graduated from the University of Michigan.  When I’m not busy…


Mark’s Bio

Mark Rodriguez is a developer within the Windows Embedded Group with 24 years of experience in software development. He is currently working on the upcoming release of the Windows Embedded Standard 7 product, focusing on device driver support, componentization and tools. Personal interests include software development for Windows 7 utilizing .NET 4 and WPF as…


Robert B’s Bio

Hey everybody, my name is Robert Baskin and I’m a Program Manager for Windows Embedded. I work on the Componentization team and focus on the security features of our product, but I am also involved in other areas of the product such as Embedded Enabling Features and Servicing. I graduated from Yale University. During my…


Bo’s Bio

I am a developer for Embedded Windows team and currently working on components related deployment, servicing and build processes. Outside work, I enjoy cooking, outdoor activities and most of all playing with my son.


Brendan’s Bio

Hi, my name is Brendan. I am a Software Engineer for Microsoft’s Windows Embedded group and am the lead for the POSReady product.  I am originally from the Canadian prairies, anywhere from the fields of Manitoba to the Alberta Rockies.  I graduated in Calgary with a degree in Computer Science in 96 and almost a…


Norris’ Bio

  I joined the Embedded Team as a Program Manager in mid-2009 following a great internship experience the previous summer—in fact, it was my favorite internship amongst seven.  Since joining the team, I have been involved in a number of areas including shells and write filters.   I am a Software Engineering graduate from the…


Nathan’s Bio

    I’m Nathan Black, a developer on the Tools team on Windows Embedded Standard. I work mostly on Image Configuration Editor (ICE).  I’ve been working at Microsoft since August 2008. My previous work as mostly been in embedded and mobile, as I worked at a mobile security firm in Addison, Texas before joining Microsoft…


Adam’s Bio

  I’m a Senior Program Manager in the Windows Embedded team. I am responsible for Custom Shell Features because I am passionate about providing a platform that can be customized to the extent our embedded customers require. I have been at Microsoft since 2008. Before coming to Microsoft I had extensive experience in the mobile,…


Srikanth’s Bio

  Hello World !   I am Srikanth Kamath  – a developer in the Windows Embedded division at Microsoft. Specifically, I work in the Embedded Enabling Features team. I graduated from National Institute of Technology Surathkal (India) in 2006 and have been working at Microsoft since. My work focus has been Windows NT internals and…


Brent’s Bio

Hi my name is Brent and I’m a software tester for the Embedded Windows team. I’ve been a part of this team since 2007, mostly working on the testing of driver packages and other driver issues. Lately I’ve been branching out into other feature areas as well. This is my first full time position in…