Windows Embedded Developer Update 1.1 Is On Its Way

In the coming weeks, we will release Windows Embedded Developer Update (WEDU) 1.1. You will be prompted to download this release using Windows Update upon launching WEDU 1.0, or you may choose to download WEDU 1.1 from the Download Center. Please note that existing users of WEDU 1.0 will need to upgrade to WEDU 1.1 in order to continue using it.

If you have already downloaded the Windows Embedded Standard Service Pack 1 (SP1) released on March 9 and use WEDU 1.0 to add distribution share/search for updates, you may receive an error message (pictured below) because WEDU 1.0 will not recognize your Windows Embedded Standard SP1 Distribution Share. Once WEDU 1.1 is installed, you should no longer receive this message.


- Alexa

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Comments (2)

  1. pheest says:

    Will it work with a name-authenticated proxy server?

  2. KRELER says:

    WEDU 1.1 should be available for donwload, unfortunatly the installer I just downloaded from the download link is still version 1.0.144…

    Will this be corrected? Many thanks!

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