Announcing the Availability of Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1

We’re pleased to announce that Service Pack 1 for Windows Embedded Standard 7 is now available. An evaluation edition is available on MSDN download center.

All the updates in Windows 7 SP1 are included in Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1. A description of the updates can be found at
This includes RemoteFX – RemoteFX is a set of RDP 7.1 technologies, most prominently graphics virtualization and the use of advanced codes, that are being added to Windows SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1. For more information, please visit

There are also several fixes in service pack one that are embedded specific and three notable enhancements:

  1. PMQ Mapping to Out of Box Drivers. This allows drivers in the out of box drivers folder of the distribution share to be picked up automatically during installation in the same way as in box drivers.
  2. SKU Compliance Packages. We received feedback that customers were unsure if they were complying with all the functionality of a particular SKU of the product. For SP1 there are three new packages included in SP1 that can be included when building an image that will only enable the functionality appropriate for the selected SKU. This gives customers confidence that they are complying with the requirements of the SKU. Details on the available SKUs for Windows Embedded Standard 7 are at
  3. SDBoot. There is an additional package available in SP1 to enable boot from SD. The SD Boot package can be found in the Embedded Enabling Features node of the Distribution Share.

Service Pack 1 is available in two forms

  • Windows Embedded Standard 7 Toolkit for SP1.
    This toolkit allows you to build an image that includes all the SP1 updates. SP1 Distribution Shares are installed as part of the toolkit and will be added alongside any existing RTM distribution shares on the development machine. The new toolkit can consume either RTM or SP1 based distribution shares allowing you to maintain your existing RTM product and develop new SP1 based images from the same toolkit.
  • SP1 Update CAB
    For existing devices with a Windows Embedded Standard 7 image the SP1 .cab files are available and can be applied online to the image using DISM. The update cabs are available for both x86 and x64 architectures and will update the functionality and features already included in the image with SP1 updates. For example, the RemoteFX functionality will only be provided as part of the update if the image includes the Remote Desktop functionality as RemoteFX is an update to Remote Desktop Protocol 7.1.

The team is excited to be able to bring the SP1 updates to Windows Embedded Standard 7.


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Comments (5)

  1. Deniz says:

    This version will be identicly which i would get from our distributor?

    (Faster way to get the new resources instead of ordering new dvds.)

  2. the links from the Downloadcenter don't work:…/details.aspx

  3. KRELER says:

    When can we download WEDU 1.1 as well? This will be usefull to install the language packs for the SP1 version…

  4. Dave Massy says:


    The bits should be the same.


    The links appear to work for me. Try again as it is possible that it has taken time to propogate to all servers. Let us know the exact failure you are seeing if you continue to have problems so we can try and reproduct he issue.


    The WEDU team is working on making the updated version of WEDU available shortly. Sorry I don't have an exact date.



  5. I used Firefox and the links don't work. With IE8 the links are working. Strange. I got the Bootable DVD and the toolkit.

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