Storyboard Pictures Do Not Display in Movie Maker in XPeStd09

*Updated 11/29/10 - removed sentence about images created with Terminal Server that was incorrect*

A customer reported that Windows Movie Maker is not correctly displaying a storyboard in the player. To reproduce this behavior, drag and drop pictures to create a storyboard. There is no Preview, and when Saving there is an error.

This is because the incorrect registry data from an earlier version of Windows Movie Maker is being written in XP Embedded and Standard 2009 runtime images. The workaround to correct this is to copy moviemk.inf from the XPe SP2 repository {67C85615-B0C5-42EA-8B8A-E8AB47DB2B1D} to the runtime , then right click the inf to 'install' the contents.

- Lynda

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