October Security Updates for XPe and Standard 2009 Are Now Available on the ECE Site

The October 2010 Security Updates are now available on the ECE site for Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 and/or Microsoft® Windows® XP Embedded with Service Pack 2, Feature Pack 2007, Update Rollup 1.0 and Service Pack 3.

This security update can be applied to the database.

The October Security Updates include:

  • KB 979687 Vulnerability in COM validation in Windows Shell and Wordpad could allow remote code execution
  • KB 981957 Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers Could Allow Elevation of Privilege
  • KB 982132 Vulnerability in the Embedded OpenType Font Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution
  • KB 2279986 Vulnerability in the OpenType Font Format (OTF) Driver Could Allow Elevation of Privilege
  • KB 2296011 Vulnerability in Windows Common Control Library Could Allow Remote Code Execution
  • KB 2360131 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer
  • KB 2360937 Vulnerability in Windows Local Procedure Call Could Cause Elevation of Privilege
  • KB 2378111 Vulnerability in Windows Media Player Could Allow Remote Code Execution
  • KB 2387149 Vulnerability in Microsoft Foundation Classes Could Allow Remote Code Execution
  • KB 2158563 September 2010 cumulative time zone update for Windows operating systems
  • KB 2418042 Vulnerability in ASP.NET Could Allow Information Disclosure. This KB solution is comprised of the following KB update packages: KB2416472, KB2416473 and KB2418240.

If you have questions on accessing the ECE, please email MS Mobile & Embedded Communications Feedback & Support, ECE@microsoft.com.


- Lynda

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