Screen Cast on Import Package in Windows Embedded Standard 7

Sami, the fearless Test engineer on the Windows Embedded Standard 7 team who authored this blog article about using Import Package has also created a screen cast on the same topic. The video focuses on using Import Package in ICE and also through commands in a command prompt.

Check it out here

- Lynda

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Comments (3)

  1. Taha Snoussi says:


    The link to the video […/f5a8d447-729c-43a9-9331-f63e6de526fd] seems to be corrupted.

    I launched it on my Windows XP Professional SP3 using IE8. I was obliged then to hard turn off my PC. All was hanging.

    With Windows 7, only IE8 hangs…

    If you want to see the video, it might be better to open directly the WMV with WMP. here is the link [mms://]


  2. Taha Snoussi says:


    After checking the network setting, it appears that the problem was related the the router that was blocking the traffic from

    But it stays strange that this makes the OS hang.


  3. karkoub says:

    Milla wach9a

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