Windows Embedded Standard 7 August Security Updates

As we recently announced on the ECE and MOO sites, we have partnered with Windows Sustained Engineering to deliver Windows Embedded Standard 7 servicing updates. While July marked the first month that Security updates were delivered via Windows Update for Standard 7, August is the first release cycle delivering a significant number of updates.

You may have noticed that the August .Net and Internet Explorer updates are not yet available for Standard 7 on Windows Update or through the Windows Embedded Developer Tool. We are working to correct this, and to add applicability for these updates to Standard 7 in the OEM Cumulative Update Catalog for the monthly supplemental release DVD.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we work through the last of these setup issues for Standard 7 Servicing.

- Gina

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Comments (1)

  1. tk says:

    i was not able to download from the ECE site, the download progress up to 3.99G and stall …. i tried 3 times..

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