TechEd 2010: “The Big Easy” is Over

For those who attended TechEd 2010 ( in New Orleans, June 7th – 10th, and stopped by our booth and/or attended at least one of our sessions, thank you very much.  It was our pleasure to meet you, answer your questions, show you demos, get your feedback, and talk with you about the products we work on in the Windows Embedded team.  Blogs, whitepapers, tutorials, forums, etc. are great but there is no substitute for meeting face-to-face.

Also, thank you for the opportunity to continue those discussions at the evening crawfish party where I could get out of my slacks and dress shoes and in to shorts and a t-shirt.  Even if you just came to eat and drink for free, it was our pleasure to host you.  I hope I did more listening than talking.  It is hard to resist telling people all about the Windows Embedded line of products.  We hope to see you next year.

For those of you who didn’t make it to TechEd 2010, you are in luck.  You can get access to the sessions online ( without having to endure the hot and humid weather.  I hear there is a pretty good session on the multimedia potential of Windows Embedded Standard 7.

- Preston

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