New Features in May 2010 Feature Update for Standard 2009

A number of new features are available as part of the May 2010 Feature Update for Windows Embedded Standard 2009 that is now live on the ECE site.

The features are:

    • Web Services on Devices API

      • This feature consists of a WSDAPI component and also the Web Service on Devices API SDK. The component can be applied to a Windows Embedded Standard 2009 database, and the SDK can be installed on a developer machine.

    • Powershell 2.0

      • This is a macro component that provides all the required dependencies to install Poweshell 2.0 on a Windows Embedded Standard 2009 runtime. The Poweshell 2.0 installer is not included in the package and can be sourced as part of the Windows Management Framework Core package.Windows PowerShell is an extensible automation engine from Microsoft, consisting of a command-line shell and associated scripting language. Windows PowerShell is built on top of, and is integrated with, the Microsoft .NET Framework. Additionally PowerShell enables easy access to COM and WMI to provide an environment in which administrators perform administrative tasks on both local and remote Windows systems.

      If you have questions on accessing the ECE, please email MS Mobile & Embedded Communications Feedback & Support,


      - Lynda

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