New Out-of-Band Features Available for WES 2009

*Updated 3/29/10

New features are now available for installing on a Windows Embedded Standard 2009 database.

These features are:

·         Windows Installer Service 4.5 for Windows Embedded Standard 2009.

·         Silverlight 3.0 for Windows Embedded Standard 2009

o   This is a setup component that includes all dependencies for installing Silverlight 3.0 and includes the Silverlight 3.0 executable file to be installed during or post-FBA.

·         Remote Desktop Connection 7 for Windows Embedded Standard 2009.

o   The Remote Desktop Connection 7.0 client update enables the new Remote Desktop Services features that are introduced in Windows 7 and in Windows Server 2008 R2 on devices running Windows Embedded Standard 2009.

·         Remote Desktop Connection 7 MUI pack for Windows Embedded Standard 2009.

The ISO containing these features can be downloaded from the ECE site here.

If you want early access to more out-of-band features as they become available then sign up for an MSDN Embedded subscription, where you can test out new features for Windows Embedded Standard 2009.

Note: this release applies only to Windows Embedded Standard 2009; use of any of the features mentioned above on XP Embedded devices is not supported.


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