A Bag Full of Updates are now Available on ECE

A bunch of new updates are now available on the ECE for Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 and/or Microsoft® Windows® XP Embedded with Service Pack 2, Feature Pack 2007, Update Rollup 1.0 and Service Pack 3.

These include:

  • An Internet Explorer Out-of-band Security Update -can be applied directly to runtime images. The componentized version of this update will e included in Feb’s security updates
    • 978207 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer
  • January 2010 Optional Updates – can be applied to the component database
    • GB18030 is a Chinese character encoding standard. Products sold in China must conform to this standard. The GB18030 Support package contains a font, system libraries, and an applet for installation on XP based systems, with the optional East Asian Language support installed, to meet these conformance requirements.

    • A File Based Write Filter update that addresses the following issues:

      • Resolves issues caused by the FbwfProcessWriteThroughList path buffer not being cleared. This issue may present symptoms including the following:

      • In the current session, FBWFMGR /display may not return accurate write through lists reflecting the fbwfmgr /addexclusion configuration. A correct write through list may not be returned until the following session.

      • A newly created file, even though listed in the exclusion list, may not persist after reboot, in particular files named tmp.

      • You may be able to rename a file to the same file name as a file listed in the exclusion list, in particular files named tmp. Expected behavior would return an error that the file cannot be renamed and the request is not supported.

      • Resolves a potential memory leak caused by the FBWF's failure to call the FreeCallback function, required to allow memory filters above FBWF to free their per-stream context.

      • Resolves a potential file deadlock, resulting from a FBWF incompatibility with a WMI API.

    • Microsoft YaHei Regular and Bold Version 5.00 for Windows XP to improve rendering of Simplified Chinese text in Windows Presentation Foundation.

  • Redistribution of Visual C++ Service Pack 1 

    • This supplemental update for VC++ is being provided to ensure that the necessary version of the VC++ runtime library is available for runtime images

If you have questions on accessing the ECE, please email MS Mobile & Embedded Communications Feedback & Support, ECE@microsoft.com.


- Lynda

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