FBWF overlay filled up too often?

This is an issue reported by a customer who’s using XP embedded for a banking kiosk device.Their FBWF overlay was filled up very often and they had to reboot the machine almost every day. They gave 128MB  (out of 1GB total RAM) to the overlay. They were wondering if there is a way to clear the overlay without rebooting.

We found the same issue in our internal longhaul testing.Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution to solve the problem. However, there might be a work around -

Customers can check which files consuming their overlay by using ‘FBWFMgr.exe /overlaydetail’ command.  They can then check if they need all files in the cache and make their clean up accordingly.  Clean-up actions include committing and/or restoring files, or deleting unwanted files . Note that deleting a protected file deletes it only from the cache; it does NOT delete the original file.  This way they can reclaim memory used by these files without rebooting.

Please note that FBWF does not provide a way to automatically clear the cache.

If you encountered the same problem, please share with us how you handled it. If you can also share the various components that you have found to contribute a large volume of data to the overlay, we can compile these recommendations and provide them as suggestions for our future releases. Thank you.

- Weijuan

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