"Sparks Will Fly" Challenge

Happy New Year Everyone!

If you are still figuring out your new year resolution for 2009, here is one option for you -

Compete in the “Sparks will Fly” 2009 Challenge with other Windows Embedded fearless hobbyists like you!

The contest is part of the Windows Embedded Hobbyist Program “SPARK Your Imagination”. You will use Windows Embedded Standard’s sister product Windows Embedded CE (or now, Compact) to create cool embedded devices. What’s my return, you may ask?

Show us your “home of the future” and win $15,000, plus a trip to TechEd 2009!

The first round of the contest is approaching its deadline in less than 2 days on Wednesday, Jan 7,  2008. Your challenge in this round is to:

Submit a 1-3-page paper that outlines an embedded project that will help realize the home of the future. Maybe you envision a thermostat that sets itself according to the latest weather forecast, or a refrigerator that re-orders groceries. Be creative, but make sure it’s an embedded device that you could actually build.

With the tough economy situation, innovation will definitely help us still do more with less.

Go sign up now at the web site and have fun in the “classroom” with other “kids” there: http://www.sparkcontest.com/default.aspx.

- Weijuan

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