Case Study: Hilton, Wyse, Windows Embedded

Here's a video of a case study done with Wyse Thin Client devices that helped Hilton Hotels slash their call center costs. This is a compelling scenario, send your call center agents home, have them vpn into the Hilton corp network via Thin Client devices, it's a win-win.

Using a write filter like FBWF or EWF on such a device helps ensure that no customer data would be persisting on the device as well. This is a concern nowadays since we're hearing more stories in the news about corp laptops being stolen and oh by the way it contained thousands of employee's personal data on it.

But in this solution with Wyse and Hilton Hotels, the data persists only within the confines of the corp network while allowing the flexibility of working from home on a device that is *unable* to persist data to begin with. That is a compelling scenario before even considering the secure and more robust nature of Thin Clients along with the cost savings from this class of device when compared to Desktops or Laptops.

You can learn more about Thin Clients on MSDN, here's one of many papers on the device category from our MVPs Sean Liming & John Malin: Configuring a Windows XP Embedded Thin Client

- Andy

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