Turkey sounds good to me

Many years ago (I like saying that) before I joined Microsoft, I was working on a prototype embedded system which in our wildest dreams would be sold worldwide. Having never developed international code, I thought it would be a good idea to make sure all of my strings were in string tables. Well, I was only partially right and I realized this a few weeks later. Internationalization ain’t so easy as translating English to the locally preferred language. Unfortunately our wildest dreams were never realized and I never had to face any of my internationalization bugs.

Had we gotten that far, I wish I had had a resource like Jeff Moser’s Does Your Code Pass the Turkey Test? blog posting. Jeff provides the internationally challenged developer with four simple tests and six simple requirements for receiving “The Turkey Test” logo. Jeff is, apparently, offering this logo program free of charge, be sure to mention this to your marketing department <grin>

Seriously, Jeff’s posting provides some great resources for learning about internationalizing your code. I would only add that Michael Kaplan’s Sorting it all Out blog is another great resource for the internationally challenged developer.



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