Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Releases!

Have you been participating in the Windows Embedded Standard Community Technology Preview over the past few months?  Are you anxiously awaiting the final release of the product?

Well, no need to wait any longer!  Microsoft has officially released to manufacture (RTM) Windows Embedded Standard 2009, the next generation of Windows XP Embedded!  You can now download an evaluation version of the product at, and the toolkits will be available for purchase by the end of November.

Windows Embedded Standard delivers the power, familiarity, and reliability of the Windows operating system in componentized form, helping device makers to easily create smart connected devices requiring rich applications, services, and end-user experiences.  It features technologies that easily connect with many common industry standards, plus several Microsoft desktop and server technologies, leading to lower costs in application development, operating system deployment, servicing, and maintenance.

With the help of thousands of CTP participants who downloaded the product and provided valuable feedback, we are excited to announce the availability of Windows Embedded Standard 2009.  We can't wait to hear what you think about the final release!

- Shayna

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  1. Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Releases! With Windows Embedded Standard you can create smart connected…

  2. Nick G. says:

    Can we use the licence that we have for XPe with that ?

    We are on the way to release and have buy licences for XPe.. Do we need to buy other one if we want to use the 2009 version ?

    Or do we only need to buy the toolkit ?


  3. Hi Nick,

    Windows Embedded Standard is the next generation of Windows XP Embedded. It’s a new product and if an OEM wants to develop embedded solutions based on Windows Embedded Standard

    • OEM will need to purchase a Windows Embedded Standard toolkit

    • OEM will need to purchases a licenses for each embedded device they want to ship built on Windows Embedded Standard.  

    Useful links


  4. Ken says:

    Is there anything to consider in installing the RTM over the CTP?

    It forced me to uninstall the CTP.  Now, about 30% of my BASIC components are corrupt in TD showing "component was not found in the database".




  5. Ken says:


    It appears that the ComponentVSGUIDs changed for these components.  Now, my current configurations are screwed.  I am fairly new to TD, any help would be appreciated.


  6. MattKell_MSFT says:

    If the VIGUIDs for the components haven’t changed, you should be able to upgrade your configuration in Target Designer to the latest revision of the components.  I believe for most of the components, the VIGUIDs will have stayed the same between CTP and RTM, though some new components may have been added.

    For components that have been updated between CTP and RTM, you should see a blue mark next to the component.  This component can be upgraded, and you can upgrade the entire configuration via the main menu.

    I hope this helps. 🙂

  7. MattKell_MSFT says:

    Actually, it turns out that my solution above won’t work, as the revision numbers for those components didn’t change between CTP2 and RTM.  Target Designer will not flag those components for upgrade since it thinks they’re basically the same components.

    You would probably be best advised to recreate your runtime configurations from scratch after installing the RTM version of WES.  Please keep in mind that the CTP version is essentially a beta, and according to its license agreement, it is not to be used in a production environment.  Also, upgrading from a pre-release version of the software is not a supported scenario.

  8. There were a number of announcements made at ESC East (and PDC) that might be of interest for both hobbyist

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