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The Embedded System Conference in Boston in taking place from October 26-30th, 2008.

Currently our team is working on scoping the presentation sessions and labs for our Embedded Windows track. We aim to publish the descriptions for our sessions live on the web site in the next week or two. Our sessions will be spread out over two days- Oct 28th and 29th, so be sure to reserve some time in your calendar to attend a presentation or play with the product during a lab.

This conference is a great opportunity to meet some of the product team members (you may see quite a few new faces as our team keeps growing!). We will have representatives from all the disciplines- Test, Program Management and Development- so feel free to bring your questions to any of the team members at the Ask The Expert area after each presentation. We will also have team members staffing the booth or acting as lab proctors who would be happy to engage with you and learn more about the projects you are working on or planning for.

Be sure to register early for the conference - the price increases on September 19th!

- Lynda

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  1. In one of my previous posts I mentioned that ESC Boston was taking place in October. Our teams, along

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